Public consultation on proposals to amend the Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP)

We have received details of a consultation regarding proposals to amend the Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP).  In order for CIAT to represent its membership and their views, it is essential that we receive their comments and views to enable us to collate and effect change in our industry.

The SAP assessment is used for many purposes – including compliance with Building Regulations, and to produce Energy Performance Certificates, and this consultation sets out twenty areas of the methodology which are under review and seeks views on proposed changes. Comments are welcome on any part of SAP.

In addition to the consultation document, draft specifications for the new versions of SAP are available on the BRE website with cSAP available through the ISAP site. Technical working papers with the evidence base supporting the consultation document are via BRE.

Comments can be sent direct to the Department for Business, Energy and Department Strategy at the address below, but please ensure that all comments are copied to Graham Chalkley, Assistant Practice Director, by Friday 20 January 2017.