News from the Chair … Jan 2016

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I hope everyone had a good holiday break and welcomed the New Year in style! It is always a time of extremes with everything running at full tilt up until Christmas Eve, then it all stops with a bit of a fizz and it takes ages to get going again… but going it has to get and we are gearing up for the new season of CPD with Martin Conlon for his Building Regs Update on Tuesday 19 January, at the Holiday Inn, Wakefield with CIOB members, then we have a presentation from Ronacrete about the Specification of Modified Screeds on 23 February 2016, 18:30 for 19:00 at the Holiday Inn Garforth (don’t get the two mixed up!). I am certainly looking forward to both these events – Martin always provides some interest and humour along with sound and useful information, and screeds can be a bit of a nightmare – especially when they are expected to take six weeks to dry! Hopefully we will be introduced to some more practical material solutions!

After that we are planning to have a conservation presentation from the National Trust in March which, it is hoped, will be staged in Sheffield. To be advised – please keep checking the Yorkshire Region website.

Our last presentation in December on Biophillic Design by Oliver Heath featured an unusual subject and was very well attended. We were treated to an interesting design viewpoint – much of which I would suggest is sound common sense, but is well worth consideration or a bit of research. I think that many who attended took away something that they can use in practice.

The 2016 CPD Day is planned for Thursday 26 May 2016. It will be held in the same location as last year i.e. The Rosebowl, Leeds Becketts University, Portland Crescent, Leeds LS1 3HB. Make a note.

One of the subjects proposed for the CPD day was BIM but, are we perhaps a bit jaded with hearing about Level 2 or Level 3 and how we should all be completely competent and fluent in using it? Very few of our membership are REALLY involved and the rest of look on in trepidation or mystification as to exactly how we are going ever get anywhere near competent when we hardly have enough time to discharge our current workload, never mind retrain! I am curious about how BIM can actually help us to achieve better working practices and what it is actually like to be using it every day. Are there members out there that would be interested in a workshop type “get together” involving those whom are already practitioners and those who might wish to be, for a peer to peer learning/knowledge sharing session? This could be a one off or perhaps a series of sessions and might involve some expense but not fees, it might even form a part of the CPD Day. Can anyone who would be interested in something like this please let me or the Committee know asap. Thanks.

I have to make reference to the 2015 CIAT AGM weekend that was held in Edinburgh at the end of November. It was the third AGM that I have attended and, I must say, it is an event that inspires, entertains and encourages, – especially to those of us who are still quite new to it! But, as a finale to our 50th year celebrations, I was proud to have had a small part to play and would encourage any member who would like to take the opportunity of attending because all members are welcome and we do put on a good do!

I mentioned in my first newsletter that we would like to spread our meetings a bit further afield. Can I remind everyone that is very much on the agenda and, if we don’t hear from anyone, we are floundering in the dark. Our CPD meetings range in attendance from 10 or 12, to well over 60 but we have a Regional membership of over 700, so where are you? We do need to hear from anyone who has a suggestion, gripe or comment and we need you to let us know what
we are doing right, what we could do better with and what we should be doing!

I want to be able to meet up with as many members as possible just to have a chat or to start something new. That is what most of us Committee members do and it leads onto things that we don’t expect but usually is very rewarding. Get in touch or come along to a meeting and make yourself known.

As I said before, this is our Institute and I want to improve our links with members all over our Region. Please make the effort and come and see us soon. I look forward to meeting you.

All the best