News from the Chair … September 2016

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Hope you had a great summer and are back in the office, fully rested and fighting fit! Maybe not, but off we go anyway! It seems a long time back now but in the last letter, we were looking forward to our Professional Development Day, late in May. For those that couldn’t manage to visit, it was a great success and has certainly inspired us to make it a firm fixture for next year and hopefully further.

Looking forward, we have a Committee Meeting next Monday Sept 12th  at 6.30pm in Room RB206, The Rosebowl, Leeds, to which anyone is welcome to attend – we do need to recruit a few more members because of retirements so please let me know if you are interested, or just come along.

Next up, on Tuesday 27th September at 6.30 for 7pm start, is a talk to be given by

Jamie Burgess of BDS Structural Engineers, Harrogate, talking about a “Grand Designs” project he was involved with a few years ago that featured specialist foundations and a Glu-Lam structure, PLUS a presentation from Adrian Grant of Ecus Environmental Consultants who will be explaining the impact of land contamination and historic mining activity on development sites and how to deal with planning obligations for intrusive investigations and remediation. This is an ever growing problem affecting  South Yorkshire development sites with concentrations of mining activity ranging from recent recorded to more historic unrecorded shallow workings. Often this is associated with land contamination and ground gas risks.

Adrian heads Ecus’s Geo-Environmental Team in Sheffield and is a geologist specialising in ground engineering and has a wealth of experience in land contamination and the effects of below ground coal workings on development sites.

Two for the price of one!   These presentations will be in the offices of M3 Principle Contractors, Foley Street, Sheffield S4 7YW. We held a presentation there last year which was well attended and very successful that we are keen to build on, holding more events/presentations in South Yorkshire, so please come and support us.

After that we have our Legal Update talk at the Mercure Hotel, Wetherby LS22 5HE, on Tues 25th Oct 2016, 6.30 for 7pm, which this year will be presented by Keith Bishop, a partner in Construction Law at Muckle LLP of Newcastle upon Tyne. He is a good speaker with a lot of experience working with Rob Langley, our usual speaker who has stepped down after many years. Many thanks, Rob!

Hopefully you have all let Mark Wilson, our Regional Councillor, know your nominations for the President Elect, Honorary Treasurer and Vice-President Technical. If not, please go to our Regional Website below for the link and include your vote.

We also have the CIAT AGM coming up in Southampton in November. Any member can attend the AGM so, if you are interested, please go to our main website to book.

Other events coming up include a Careers Fair at Leeds Beckets University on 15th Nov 2016 at the School of the Built Environment in Woodhouse Lane Leeds LS2 9EN. The day is split into two sessions i.e. Professional Bodies Fair 2pm – 4pm and the Employers Fair, 5pm – 7.30pm. All the stands at the Employers Fair are booked but the Professional Bodies Fair still has space available.

We also have our annual Building Regulations Update, as delivered by the unique Martin Conlon on 17th Jan 2017 at The Holiday Inn, Wakefield, again 6.30pm for a 7pm start. Something to look forward to in the depths of  January!

As members of our Institute, we have agreed to undertake a minimum of 35 hours of Continuing Professional Development annually (May to April), which is officially defined as ‘the systematic maintenance, improvement and broadening of knowledge and skills for the development of personal qualities necessary for the execution of professional and technical duties throughout the practitioner’s working life’. This definition is shared by other professionals in the Construction Industry Council (CIC), of which CIAT is a member. We are also required to maintain a record of our individual CPD, along with a Personal Development Plan (PDP) to identify specific CPD subjects or activities to support our own objectives. See the CPD section on the CIAT website where there is also a CPD Record Card available to download, plus we will apparently soon be able to keep a log in our CIAT account. I don’t know if that is available yet, but if not, it soon will be.


Jonathan Legge