News from the Chair … May 2016

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Spring is really upon us now and, in the Yorkshire Region, we are gearing up for our second grand Professional Development Day on Thursday 26 May 2016. I am sure that most of our members have heard something about this event and, even if they managed to miss the inaugural presentation last year, they will have heard that it was widely acclaimed and enjoyed by all who attended.
Due to the monumental effort in organising such an event and the fact that it provides a good chunk in one day to satisfy our annual CPD requirement, you will understand the reason for the reduction in our monthly CPD meetings. This was not originally planned, otherwise you would have been informed, but this is what has happened. Since we have not had a recent CPD meeting and the fact that we have official Institute business to attend to in the Region, I
propose to do it here via this newsletter:

This years’ Annual General Meeting will be held in Southampton on Saturday 12 November 2016. We, as a Region, have an allocation of three Voting Delegates who all need to be Chartered Members to send as our representatives. These representatives have usually been the Chair, one other Committee member and a Regional Member not involved with the Committee. Any member may attend the weekend and the meeting but the Region has
to have official representation, so it is logical to have at least one Committee member included.

This is an official role so there are duties and responsibilities to meet but there are also travelling and accommodation expenses paid for the delegate so, if any Chartered Member would like to join us, please email me and be prepared to visit us at our next Committee meeting in the Rose Bowl in Leeds this next Monday on 9 May at 18:30. We have to confirm to Central Office our Voting Delegate details by 16 May 2016, so this HAS to be finalised at that meeting. If we do not have any volunteers or requests for a place, we will ask another Committee member to make up the third place.

Speaking of the Committee, we have had a few people leave recently and a couple more intending to leave but no one (as yet) to fill their places! Nik Wilson, our treasured Treasurer, is finally handing over to Matthew Brooke-Peat after a little hassle in getting signatories etc swapped and he may leave us after that so there are a couple of vacancies to make our full complement of twelve Committee members and we are on the lookout for enthusiastic
souls! I know that you have been considering this in the past, just as I once did, and I can confirm that we are a welcoming bunch who have the Institute and our area in mind – any South Yorkshire members, please shout because we have few Committee members based there and a couple more would encourage us to hold more meetings in that locality. It has been mentioned in past Newsletters but no-one has been forthcoming as yet!

The Committee meets six times a year (about every two months) usually on a Monday evening 18:30–21:00. It is a voluntary commitment that is necessary for our Institute to function but does not need to be all consuming! Most of the time it is not at all but you feel a part of it and, as we are members, it’s good to be involved! Those who might be interested, please email or call me and we will arrange for you to come to one of our next meetings as a visitor or look
me up at the Professional Development Day to have a chat.

This year, the Professional Development Day is in the same location as 2015 (The Rose Bowl, Leeds Beckett University, Portland Crescent, Leeds LS1 3HB ) using the Level 5 entrance area as reception/registration and four lecture theatres with the central common space for chatting, refreshment and maybe a bit of networking! The keynote speakers who have kindly volunteered to speak are national figures, well worth making time to hear and they will be
presenting in the main Lecture Theatre on Level 2 at the beginning of each lecture session, morning (Peter Caplehorn, 09:30-10:30) and afternoon (Richard Saxon, 13:30-14:30). It is an event that you can come for the full day, just come to hear one speaker or anything in between. It is free – that is important for us, and is open to all, not just our members but all other professions, trades or the public. There are limited spaces available so, when it is full, then that
is it and let’s hope we get to that situation!

All the best and hope to see you at the Rose Bowl on 26 May!


Jonathan Legge