Gihan Badi MCIAT


I joined the CIAT Yorkshire Group in 2014, and started as the CPD Coordinator which is a challenging task of getting a large number of CIAT members to commit to their own professional development. My duties include organising events that maintain and enhance members’ knowledge and skills, enabling our CIAT members the ability to give a more professional service to their clients and community.


I am a Director of an architectural technology practice established in February 2016. The practice provides professional and good quality architectural design for new buildings, converting and extending existing buildings and refurbishments.

In addition, I am a Lecturer at School of the Built Environment and Engineering, Faculty of Arts, Environment and Technology, Leeds Beckett University since October 2015 and undertaking my PhD in building resilience into urban planning and focus on the community participation with professionals on events of natural disasters.

I used to work for DLG Architects LLP (September 2004 – October 2015), as an Architectural Designer and Chartered Architectural Technologist. I have worked on various projects in both Libya and United Kingdom and my portfolio of projects is wide ranging. These projects cover most sectors of commercial architecture which include:
• New build of residential, retail, mixed-use, offices, leisure and hotels projects.
• Extension of commercial offices, shopping centres, residential and mixed use.
• Sensitive development and refurbishment works of Grade II listed and conservation areas.

Why I got involved

I am a qualified Architect from Libya years ago and I have been working in the UK since 2004 as an Architectural Designer and not recognised as an Architect by ARB. Having a passion for Architectural Technology after earning my BSc in Architecture Technology in 2014 I become a CIAT Chartered member. For me promoting and raising the profile of the institute within the construction industry is the reason that I am involved, and to enhance and improve my performance through networking with other professionals.