Chris Halligan MCIAT

Group Member

I have over 30 years’ experience in the field of building design. This has covered most spheres of the industry and includes such diverse projects as underground housing, classical Indian temples, innovative materials research and prefabricated office pods to cite but a few. I have a range of qualifications in both design and technology and specialise in sustainable architecture. It was work in this area which led to my being awarded the RIBA President’s Award for Outstanding Research in 2011. I have contributed to many periodicals and publications on the subject of sustainable materials and have given lectures and presentations at a range of universities and institutes, both in the UK and abroad.


I am a senior technologist with a multi-disciplinary company in West Yorkshire. We specialise in social housing design but also occasionally diversify into healthcare, retail, industrial and commercial projects. We are an extremely technical practice, dealing in work which requires a great deal of know-how and problem solving ability on a daily basis. We have a very active undergraduate programme which provides an excellent level of experience for student architectural technologists. I should know… I benefitted from such an experience over three decades ago! After a number of years in a managerial role for a major architectural practice, I returned to my current employers two years ago to get back to working at a more practical level which I find far more fulfilling and stimulating.

Why I got Involved

Despite having a number of qualifications, until recently, I wasn’t part of any particular institute. In 2016,  I decided that 30 years was long enough in the wilderness and took the plunge to become MCIAT. This mainly involved a professional interview to demonstrate my experience and knowledge. It went so well my interviewer not only decided I was worthy of being Chartered but asked me to join the Regional Group!

I felt this would be worthwhile in that I have a keen interest in architectural education and have become concerned in recent years at some aspects of this – right from Colleges and Universities through to Continuing Professional Development in practice. I am hoping that by being part of CIAT I can contribute to improving education and help CIAT become a respected vehicle for guidance and knowledge through involvement and cooperation with established bodies.