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News from the Chair … August 2017

JonLegge newsletter picHi Everyone CIAT YR official logo 150px

Well, summer is over for another year and the proverbial is about to hit the fan until Christmas.  Hope you enjoy the ride!

I can’t believe it has been a year since my last missive. Apologies, it was not intended but it goes that way sometimes. My 2 year tenure in the Chair is over and Gihan Badi is taking over for the next couple of years. For those who don’t know her, she is an Architect and Architectural Technologist who has her own practice, lectures on the AT course at Leeds Beckett’s University and sits on Assessment Panels and other things at Head Office. She has been a member of CIAT since she was a student and a Committee member for the last 4 years. She has been an active member of CIAT Yorkshire, organising CPD sessions and instrumental in our Professional Development Day preparations. My role for the next year will be Vice Chair.

I know that many of our membership managed to visit our Professional Development Day on 8th June last (watch the recordings). I hope that those who did attend enjoyed the day – there were certainly plenty of attendees in most of the presentations right to the end of the day, so we were pleased BUT there were a lot of people who registered but then didn’t turn up, which is a shame – we have all done it but, this day is done for YOU so, to those who missed, please make the effort next time – you are really missing something very worthwhile and those who haven’t tried us yet, please do. Speaking of which, the date for next year is proposed to be about the same time, in the same location but we have also been approached with a suggestion to either relocate to or to present a similar event at Sheffield Hallam University, which we think might be an excellent suggestion. If you have any views on this idea, please email or tweet to let us know.

This leads me onto our next Group Meeting which is to be held on Mon 18th Sept 2017 in the Owen Building at Sheffield Hallam, Room 44, 7th floor, 6.30pm. Sandwiches provided. Along with our usual Yorkshire Region agenda, we are meeting with some committee members from East Midlands as well as SHU AT Course lecturers to progress links and events in South Yorkshire. If there are any CIAT members that might have an interest in joining our committee, please come along and meet up. We hold our meetings every 2 months so it is not a huge commitment and WE NEED YOU! We have 3no vacancies in our number and we need your fresh new ideas. Please come along and share your views.

As you will probably know, the CIAT Annual General Meeting is to be held in Newcastle upon Tyne in November this year. Any member can attend so, if you are interested, go to the main CIAT website to book your place.

In our Yorkshire Region, we are having a shake-up of the CPD events list. With the retirement of Rob Langley and Martin Conlon, we have lost a couple of stalwarts who have informed and entertained us for some time, along with the changes in our Committee and the fact that the attendees at the monthly presentations have dwindled in recent times, especially CIAT members (we seem to have more CIOB attendances nowadays), which suggests that people are fulfilling their CPD commitment elsewhere OR we are not providing presentation subjects or speakers that spark sufficient interest to attend. The answer is probably a variety of reasons but times are “a changing” and we are going to review the CPD offering for the next year so, what are your thoughts? – Do you members want a regular offering of CPD presentations or is this not something you are interested in? Going on from that, what DO you want from your Yorkshire Region? We really do need some feedback so can you please just email us with a response, ideally in time for the meeting on the 18th. Thanks.

Hoping to hear from you.

All the Best,


Jonathan Legge

Professional Development Day – Recordings available

We coined the title ‘Professional Development Day’ because we considered the event was more than just a day filled with quality CPD; and the sum of the parts exceeded the whole. We have just completed the third PDD, which continues to be hosted at the superb facility offered by the Leeds Beckett University Rose Bowl building. This year’s theme was ‘Sustainable Building Quality’, and without question all speakers met that criteria.

The state of the art AV facilities offered by the Rose Bowl enabled us, with the speakers permission, to record the majority of the presentations, which we are delighted to present here.

Even the most current technology cannot recreate the atmosphere of actually being at the event, but for those that were not able to attend this is a good second. For copyright reasons we are unable to present every speaker, so there is another reason that you might consider coming along to the next PD Day. We make a point of these events being totally free to attend. These recordings will give you a taste of the Professional Development Day’s content, but it doesn’t beat being there.

Future CIAT Yorkshire Regional events will be advertised here along with selected other events that we think may be of interest.


Public consultation on proposals to amend the Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP)

We have received details of a consultation regarding proposals to amend the Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP).  In order for CIAT to represent its membership and their views, it is essential that we receive their comments and views to enable us to collate and effect change in our industry.

The SAP assessment is used for many purposes – including compliance with Building Regulations, and to produce Energy Performance Certificates, and this consultation sets out twenty areas of the methodology which are under review and seeks views on proposed changes. Comments are welcome on any part of SAP.

In addition to the consultation document, draft specifications for the new versions of SAP are available on the BRE website with cSAP available through the ISAP site. Technical working papers with the evidence base supporting the consultation document are via BRE.

Comments can be sent direct to the Department for Business, Energy and Department Strategy at the address below, but please ensure that all comments are copied to Graham Chalkley, Assistant Practice Director, by Friday 20 January 2017.

News from the Chair … September 2016

JonLegge newsletter picHi All! CIAT YR official logo 150px

Hope you had a great summer and are back in the office, fully rested and fighting fit! Maybe not, but off we go anyway! It seems a long time back now but in the last letter, we were looking forward to our Professional Development Day, late in May. For those that couldn’t manage to visit, it was a great success and has certainly inspired us to make it a firm fixture for next year and hopefully further.

Looking forward, we have a Committee Meeting next Monday Sept 12th  at 6.30pm in Room RB206, The Rosebowl, Leeds, to which anyone is welcome to attend – we do need to recruit a few more members because of retirements so please let me know if you are interested, or just come along.

Next up, on Tuesday 27th September at 6.30 for 7pm start, is a talk to be given by

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Never mind the bollards…

… here’s the real impact of security on the built environment.

The aim of the day is to explore the ways in which our built environment has developed and continues to develop strategies that respond to safety and security risks, and how we, as construction professionals, can work together to create safe yet welcoming spaces. What this conference is not about is bomb blast bollards and barriers, but rather an interrogation of new threats, what we can learn from past threats and what we can do to defend the future.

Have a look at the CIC conference Never mind the bollards in events on elsewhere

Professional Development Day – Slides available

On Thursday 26 May we hosted our second Professional Development Day in conjunction with Leeds Beckett University at their Rose Bowl building in Leeds. If you were there, I hope you will agree that it was another success, possibly over and above that of the first, thank you for helping that one along.

We now have secured the individual presenter’s slide presentations from the day, and as a huge number of you have requested we are now able to make them available for download here.

We have had some great constructive feedback on the event, but would welcome more as we are always happy to listen. If you would like to feedback in person with some suggestions for next year, please come along to the next committee meeting at Leeds Rose Bowl on 11 July – 18.30. Please just let us know you are coming.

CPD Day 2016

Building on the success of our first CPD Day in June 2015, the CIAT Yorkshire Regional committee are busy planning a follow up event scheduled for the end of May 2016 (date to be confirmed). The focus on all our Regional CPD has become, and will remain quality information and enhanced learning, rather than a manufacturer’s sales pitch.

This year’s event will again be held at Leeds Beckett University Rose Bowl building, and will see a broad range of current topics presented by top professionals in their respective fields. In addition we will be hosting an initial plenary session in the main lecture theatre with a keynote presentation from one of the UK construction industry’s most notable names.

If you thought our first CPD Day was good, we hope you will be even more impressed with this next one. Please keep checking back for updates.

CIC Yorkshire & Humberside Conference 12th November

Planes, Trains and Automobiles… and ships!

For those who couldn’t make the CIC Yorkshire and Humber Conference held on November 12th 2015 please see the link below. It was a grand event with lots of theatrics which took place at the Yorkshire Aircraft Museum. Speakers included; Rachael Unsworth, Rob Wolfe, Sakthy Selvakumaran, Damien Watkin, Stephen Taylor and the Yorkshire Poet Ian McMillan. They each covered a variety of topics which fed into the future development of the Northern Powerhouse. Their presentations and the poem constructed on the day can be downloaded following the link below. Hopefully we will see some of you there next year!! It’s a great chance to network with fellow professionals from across the board and offer advice to students looking to pursue a career within the construction industry.

Biophilic Design – Oliver Heath at the Rosebowl

8th December,  guest speaker Oliver Heath was a huge success and well attended. Several RIBA and RICS members came along too. Please do check out Oliver’s blog on the topic Biophilia – the Future of Eco Design, Health and Well Being.

Our pre-event publicity description was as follows: Designer and TV presenter Oliver Heath explains the ethos and research behind the emerging science of Biophilic Design; how strengthening the human connection with nature can improve the many spaces that we live and work in. With health and well-being rising up the built environment agenda, Biophilic Design has demonstrated impressive benefits to productivity, creativity and cognitive ability. This engaging seminar outlines the approach, a number of case studies plus new research by flooring manufacturer Interface demonstrating the benefit of Biophilic Design in the workplace. Visit our Events page for more information and booking.