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A note from the Regional Councillor – August 2018

Dear Yorkshire Region

I hope you are all keeping well and are managing to enjoy the wonderful summer months and the sunshine we have been lucky to receive this year! I have some exciting news to share with you all and I also have a very important task for you to complete so please read to the very end…

So you may have guessed by the issuing of this newsletter that I am the new voice for the Yorkshire Region and from September, I will commence my first official term at the Yorkshire Regional Councillor. Hopefully some of you will be familiar with who I am already but if not here’s a little overview.

I’ve been part of the Yorkshire Regional Committee for the last five years. I joined in October 2013 and since then have taken on many roles and responsibilities for the Region representing us both Regionally and nationally. I can often be found at schools careers fayres, on judging panels for colleges and universities, at CPDs, conferences, introducing our new students to CIAT and to be honest everything in-between! I’m a very passionate and active Chartered Architectural Technologist with a key focus and interest in education which has filtered through my various roles as both the Region’s Education Officer and aspirATion Chair over the last few years.

So that’s a little about me. I hope we’ll get to know each other a little better over the next few years as I commence my new role, but if you have any burning questions or even a new idea you’d like to explore, please do feel free to get in touch so we can explore your ideas further.

So back to you, I have a very important mission for you to complete! If you’re a keen member of the Institute and keep up with all the latest news you will know its voting season! Please see the roles up for election and the listed nominees below for your reference. Do take time to carefully read their manifestos as you will be voting them in to represent you and your voice in their upcoming roles so it’s important that you take the time to consider them carefully.

So before I hand you over to the important stuff I would like to say a little about one of the nominees listed below… Not being biased because I have had the privilege of working with him over the past five years but because he is one of our Regional members and like all of our members I like to create a little song and dance about them when they’re doing something great!

Mark Wilson MCIAT, our former Regional Chair and most recently our Regional Councillor, I have no doubt most of you know who he is, he’s been the voice for our Region and been instrumental about bringing in and driving forward change Regionally and nationally. I’ve compiled a list of a few of the things that Mark has given us as a Region over the past seven years which include; The Professional Development Day (an incredible and overwhelming day of high quality CPD that has now become an annual event on the Yorkshire Region’s calendar), The Region and Centre Summit (an opportunity for all Regions and Centres to get together and share their ideas and their voice), he’s changed the complete face of our Committee, he brought around the development of the Regional website which has been replicated and shared across the Regions, he occasionally delivers us CPD but can be often found delivering talks on Ask the Expert panels at various roadshows. He gives his time freely and generously to help support the work of others whether they be a child looking to find out more about construction, a student tackling a design detail, an Associate member looking to become Chartered or a university looking for support or an experts opinion. He’s been an influential and well respected member at Council, a voice many have said they are going to miss. Mark is an all-round genuinely great guy who is immensely passionate about his job. He is one of the most committed, dedicated, focussed and truly passionate AT’s I’ve ever met. Please show your support by sharing his manifesto, offering a word of encouragement just as I know he would do for us and has done in abundance over the years.

So Mark, from the Region and as its new voice, I wanted to wish you the very best of luck. As a Committee, we support you wholeheartedly and wish you every success in your quest to become Vice-President Technical. We also wish the remaining nominees the very best of luck. I’m lucky enough to have met them all so know how lucky we are as an Institute to have them representing us. So please give a little bit of your time to share and offer your support. Cast your vote wisely and let us know by sending your final vote to:

Nominations for the following Honorary Officer positions are:

President Elect:
Kevin Crawford MCIAT
Paul Laycock MCIAT
Eddie Weir MCIAT

Honorary Treasurer:
Doug Fewkes MCIAT

Vice-President Technical:
Steven Hedley MCIAT
Mark Wilson MCIAT

Please follow the link to read their manifestos:

All votes to be cast by Wednesday 5 September 2018. Votes will be cast at the Council meeting on Saturday 8 September 2018.

We look forward to receiving your votes soon at

Your Regional Councillor
Natasha Vermeulen MCIAT

News from the Chair … August 2017

JonLegge newsletter picHi Everyone CIAT YR official logo 150px

Well, summer is over for another year and the proverbial is about to hit the fan until Christmas.  Hope you enjoy the ride!

I can’t believe it has been a year since my last missive. Apologies, it was not intended but it goes that way sometimes. My 2 year tenure in the Chair is over and Gihan Badi is taking over for the next couple of years. For those who don’t know her, she is an Architect and Architectural Technologist who has her own practice, lectures on the AT course at Leeds Beckett’s University and sits on Assessment Panels and other things at Head Office. She has been a member of CIAT since she was a student and a Committee member for the last 4 years. She has been an active member of CIAT Yorkshire, organising CPD sessions and instrumental in our Professional Development Day preparations. My role for the next year will be Vice Chair.

I know that many of our membership managed to visit our Professional Development Day on 8th June last (watch the recordings). I hope that those who did attend enjoyed the day – there were certainly plenty of attendees in most of the presentations right to the end of the day, so we were pleased BUT there were a lot of people who registered but then didn’t turn up, which is a shame – we have all done it but, this day is done for YOU so, to those who missed, please make the effort next time – you are really missing something very worthwhile and those who haven’t tried us yet, please do. Speaking of which, the date for next year is proposed to be about the same time, in the same location but we have also been approached with a suggestion to either relocate to or to present a similar event at Sheffield Hallam University, which we think might be an excellent suggestion. If you have any views on this idea, please email or tweet to let us know.

This leads me onto our next Group Meeting which is to be held on Mon 18th Sept 2017 in the Owen Building at Sheffield Hallam, Room 44, 7th floor, 6.30pm. Sandwiches provided. Along with our usual Yorkshire Region agenda, we are meeting with some committee members from East Midlands as well as SHU AT Course lecturers to progress links and events in South Yorkshire. If there are any CIAT members that might have an interest in joining our committee, please come along and meet up. We hold our meetings every 2 months so it is not a huge commitment and WE NEED YOU! We have 3no vacancies in our number and we need your fresh new ideas. Please come along and share your views.

As you will probably know, the CIAT Annual General Meeting is to be held in Newcastle upon Tyne in November this year. Any member can attend so, if you are interested, go to the main CIAT website to book your place.

In our Yorkshire Region, we are having a shake-up of the CPD events list. With the retirement of Rob Langley and Martin Conlon, we have lost a couple of stalwarts who have informed and entertained us for some time, along with the changes in our Committee and the fact that the attendees at the monthly presentations have dwindled in recent times, especially CIAT members (we seem to have more CIOB attendances nowadays), which suggests that people are fulfilling their CPD commitment elsewhere OR we are not providing presentation subjects or speakers that spark sufficient interest to attend. The answer is probably a variety of reasons but times are “a changing” and we are going to review the CPD offering for the next year so, what are your thoughts? – Do you members want a regular offering of CPD presentations or is this not something you are interested in? Going on from that, what DO you want from your Yorkshire Region? We really do need some feedback so can you please just email us with a response, ideally in time for the meeting on the 18th. Thanks.

Hoping to hear from you.

All the Best,


Jonathan Legge

News from the Chair … September 2016

JonLegge newsletter picHi All! CIAT YR official logo 150px

Hope you had a great summer and are back in the office, fully rested and fighting fit! Maybe not, but off we go anyway! It seems a long time back now but in the last letter, we were looking forward to our Professional Development Day, late in May. For those that couldn’t manage to visit, it was a great success and has certainly inspired us to make it a firm fixture for next year and hopefully further.

Looking forward, we have a Committee Meeting next Monday Sept 12th  at 6.30pm in Room RB206, The Rosebowl, Leeds, to which anyone is welcome to attend – we do need to recruit a few more members because of retirements so please let me know if you are interested, or just come along.

Next up, on Tuesday 27th September at 6.30 for 7pm start, is a talk to be given by

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News from the Chair … May 2016

JonLegge newsletter picHello everyone!CIAT YR official logo 150px

Spring is really upon us now and, in the Yorkshire Region, we are gearing up for our second grand Professional Development Day on Thursday 26 May 2016. I am sure that most of our members have heard something about this event and, even if they managed to miss the inaugural presentation last year, they will have heard that it was widely acclaimed and enjoyed by all who attended.
Due to the monumental effort in organising such an event and the fact that it provides a good chunk in one day to satisfy our annual CPD requirement, you will understand the reason for the reduction in our monthly CPD meetings. This was not originally planned, otherwise you would have been informed, but this is what has happened. Since we have not had a recent CPD meeting and the fact that we have official Institute business to attend to in the Region, I
propose to do it here via this newsletter:

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News from the Chair … Jan 2016

JonLegge newsletter picHappy New Year!!CIAT YR official logo 150px

I hope everyone had a good holiday break and welcomed the New Year in style! It is always a time of extremes with everything running at full tilt up until Christmas Eve, then it all stops with a bit of a fizz and it takes ages to get going again… but going it has to get and we are gearing up for the new season of CPD with Martin Conlon for his Building Regs Update on Tuesday 19 January, at the Holiday Inn, Wakefield with CIOB members, then we have a presentation from Ronacrete about the Specification of Modified Screeds on 23 February 2016, 18:30 for 19:00 at the Holiday Inn Garforth (don’t get the two mixed up!). I am certainly looking forward to both these events – Martin always provides some interest and humour along with sound and useful information, and screeds can be a bit of a nightmare – especially when they are expected to take six weeks to dry! Hopefully we will be introduced to some more practical material solutions!

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News from the Chair… Oct 2015

JonLegge newsletter pic                                                                      CIAT YR official logo 150px

All Change!!!       Apologies for the interruption in service but we have had a bit of a change around.

My name is Jon Legge. I have been a member of CIAT for many years but have only in the last few years been involved with our Regional Committee, which has been a rewarding and exciting time trying to keep up with Mark Wilson, my predecessor. Continue reading

A note from the Chairman – May 2015

Mark WilsonHard to believe but it’s nearly the end of my two year tenure as Regional Chairman, so welcome to what will be my penultimate ‘Note’; hoping that you feel somewhat more enlightened as to what the Institute does, and how it does it, if you didn’t before.

There are three important issues on which to focus this month

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A note from the Chairman – March 2015

The warmer weather and light nights approach, the CDM 2015 Regulations beckon, and it’ll soon be Christmas; still, onwards and upwards. Did you remember to celebrate the 12 February 50th Anniversary?

The anniversary year remains high on our Institute’s agenda and will be officially marked by a high profile A wards ceremony to be held at The Savoy Hotel on 25 September, and of course the AGM and Presidents’ Ball to be held this year in Edinburgh on 28 November.

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A note from the Chairman – January 2015

This month I celebrate 30 yrs as a member of our Institute. Okay I missed the first twenty, but honestly I’m not that old!! So it is then that the Institute is 50 yrs old next month – February 12 to be precise. Will we be having a party? You betcha, but not in February; far too cold and dark. We will wait until the better weather should be around, and I will be announcing more details about that in next month’s Note.

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