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Professional Development Day – Recordings available

We coined the title ‘Professional Development Day’ because we considered the event was more than just a day filled with quality CPD; and the sum of the parts exceeded the whole. We have just completed the third PDD, which continues to be hosted at the superb facility offered by the Leeds Beckett University Rose Bowl building. This year’s theme was ‘Sustainable Building Quality’, and without question all speakers met that criteria.

The state of the art AV facilities offered by the Rose Bowl enabled us, with the speakers permission, to record the majority of the presentations, which we are delighted to present here.

Even the most current technology cannot recreate the atmosphere of actually being at the event, but for those that were not able to attend this is a good second. For copyright reasons we are unable to present every speaker, so there is another reason that you might consider coming along to the next PD Day. We make a point of these events being totally free to attend. These recordings will give you a taste of the Professional Development Day’s content, but it doesn’t beat being there.

Future CIAT Yorkshire Regional events will be advertised here along with selected other events that we think may be of interest.


Apologies: Building Regulations Update CPD presentation, 17 Jan 2017

I write in regard to the regular annual CIAT/CIOB Building Regulations Update presentation last night that was cancelled at very short notice. Please accept our apologies to all those who made the trip to attend and were unfortunately disappointed.

As most of you will be aware, this event has been a regular feature on our calendar and one that has been eagerly anticipated for many years. Martin Conlon, our highly appreciated speaker, retired earlier in 2016 and, although he had agreed in principle to continue the presentations this year,  it was not satisfactorily confirmed. We, as the organisers, assumed that all was arranged with him so the venue was booked, the notices made on websites and notifications made to members. Unfortunately communications with Martin were unfortunately not followed up and assumptions made that he was aware and prepared. This was obviously not the case and therefore Martin was in blissful ignorance and suddenly got a call out of the blue asking where he was!

This was not good and not of Martin’s doing at all. He would, of course, have loved to come out to see us all but the preparation for this particular event missed a vital link in not actually communicating with the speaker directly, to make sure that all was correct and in order. I am mortified that Martin has been put into this situation, not of his doing at all, and have personally apologised to him in the hope that my apology can be accepted, but it has happened and we all know that we have to accept it and move on.

We are continuing with our CPD calendar with our next date being 21 February, 18:30 for 19:00 at the same venue (Holiday Inn, Wakefield) looking at Professional indemnity insurance, to be delivered by McParland Finn, CIAT PI specialists based in Manchester.

We will obviously be double checking the arrangements for this event!

Best regards

Jonathan Legge MCIAT
Regional Chairman

Never mind the bollards…

… here’s the real impact of security on the built environment.

The aim of the day is to explore the ways in which our built environment has developed and continues to develop strategies that respond to safety and security risks, and how we, as construction professionals, can work together to create safe yet welcoming spaces. What this conference is not about is bomb blast bollards and barriers, but rather an interrogation of new threats, what we can learn from past threats and what we can do to defend the future.

Have a look at the CIC conference Never mind the bollards in events on elsewhere

Professional Development Day – Slides available

On Thursday 26 May we hosted our second Professional Development Day in conjunction with Leeds Beckett University at their Rose Bowl building in Leeds. If you were there, I hope you will agree that it was another success, possibly over and above that of the first, thank you for helping that one along.

We now have secured the individual presenter’s slide presentations from the day, and as a huge number of you have requested we are now able to make them available for download here.

We have had some great constructive feedback on the event, but would welcome more as we are always happy to listen. If you would like to feedback in person with some suggestions for next year, please come along to the next committee meeting at Leeds Rose Bowl on 11 July – 18.30. Please just let us know you are coming.

CPD Day 2016

Building on the success of our first CPD Day in June 2015, the CIAT Yorkshire Regional committee are busy planning a follow up event scheduled for the end of May 2016 (date to be confirmed). The focus on all our Regional CPD has become, and will remain quality information and enhanced learning, rather than a manufacturer’s sales pitch.

This year’s event will again be held at Leeds Beckett University Rose Bowl building, and will see a broad range of current topics presented by top professionals in their respective fields. In addition we will be hosting an initial plenary session in the main lecture theatre with a keynote presentation from one of the UK construction industry’s most notable names.

If you thought our first CPD Day was good, we hope you will be even more impressed with this next one. Please keep checking back for updates.

A note from the Chairman – Jun’15

CIAT YR official logo 150pxMark WilsonDid anyone notice the change in our CIAT Yorkshire logo? No? Well in the previous version you could barely read the word “Yorkshire”. Couldn’t have that could we? So we got it changed. It took the best part of 2 yrs, but we did it. Just shows what perseverance can do.

CIAT is not quite a super tanker – yet!! But to get it to change course often takes some time. So, you may recall I started my Chairmanship by wanting to do things differently, in the hope of obtaining a different result. I hope we have changed more than the logo but perhaps you can be the judge of that and let me know.

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