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A note from the Chairman – May 2015

Mark WilsonHard to believe but it’s nearly the end of my two year tenure as Regional Chairman, so welcome to what will be my penultimate ‘Note’; hoping that you feel somewhat more enlightened as to what the Institute does, and how it does it, if you didn’t before.

There are three important issues on which to focus this month

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A note from the Chairman – March 2015

The warmer weather and light nights approach, the CDM 2015 Regulations beckon, and it’ll soon be Christmas; still, onwards and upwards. Did you remember to celebrate the 12 February 50th Anniversary?

The anniversary year remains high on our Institute’s agenda and will be officially marked by a high profile A wards ceremony to be held at The Savoy Hotel on 25 September, and of course the AGM and Presidents’ Ball to be held this year in Edinburgh on 28 November.

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A note from the Chairman – January 2015

This month I celebrate 30 yrs as a member of our Institute. Okay I missed the first twenty, but honestly I’m not that old!! So it is then that the Institute is 50 yrs old next month – February 12 to be precise. Will we be having a party? You betcha, but not in February; far too cold and dark. We will wait until the better weather should be around, and I will be announcing more details about that in next month’s Note.

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