A note from the Chairman – March 2015

The warmer weather and light nights approach, the CDM 2015 Regulations beckon, and it’ll soon be Christmas; still, onwards and upwards. Did you remember to celebrate the 12 February 50th Anniversary?

The anniversary year remains high on our Institute’s agenda and will be officially marked by a high profile A wards ceremony to be held at The Savoy Hotel on 25 September, and of course the AGM and Presidents’ Ball to be held this year in Edinburgh on 28 November.

Attendance at the AGM/Presidents’ Ball will provide opportunities for up to three voting delegates (who are Chartered Members) to attend from our Region. If you wish to be considered for this please let me know soon. With regard to the Awards event, each Region has been invited to provide a single representative. Your Committee has therefore unanimously voted that our representative should be the youngest and newest of our Committee members – George Zubak is a 21 year old first year Architectural Technology student at Leeds Beckett University, and is the Committee member with the best opportunity of attending the ‘Centenary Event’ in 2065. Whether the Region still exists in fifty years remains to be seen (sadly probably not by me), but it would be great to have a representative who can say he attended both.

I must make the point that although the travelling and accommodation costs (where applicable) will be covered by the Institute for George at the September event, and the voting delegates in November; this does not preclude any member attending either or both events should they wish to meet their own costs.

Regional Website

David Cormack is passionate about getting our website right and as good as it can be, considering our budget. However, on his behalf I would ask that if there is any member who can offer some support to work with David and relieve the pressure on keeping the site populated and up to date please let me know.

Regional Event Booking

At the risk of repeating myself, the only way to book onto a Regional CPD event is now via the Regional website, or please add ‘booking@ciat-yorkshire.org.uk’ to your address book. You can book yourself onto one, or several events with one email.

Details of all forthcoming events are maintained and updated on the website, along with the presentation notes of past events as a form of catch up if you missed one.

Notification of a new construction project visits

On the back of the reconstruction of Selby Leisure Centre, the event coordinator and Deputy Regional Councillor Natasha Vermeulen has been contacted by the Project Manager from Wates Construction who are commencing a fast track new build school project in Doncaster. This will once again offer invaluable on-site knowledge and experience for a specialist school project at all levels of membership, with completion due in October 2015. We will keep you updated on this one.

A place on the Yorkshire Regional Committee

We have known for some time that our current Regional Treasurer Nik Wilson, a Committee member who has served on various other Committee posts for over twenty years, will be retiring from our Committee at the end of April this year. Although we have a Regional Treasurer in waiting, we would very much like to maintain a full Committee and therefore invite any member, at any membership grade, to come along to see what we do, how we do it, and even see if we can do things just a little better. One of our newest Committee members recently said that he didn’t feel he could criticise what we did unless he had a go for himself. That’s as good a reason as any. But whatever your agenda, you can come along to the next meeting on 27 April to observe/take part in the discussion with no pressure, or obligation to join what-so-ever – Please drop me an email if you would like to know more.

All the best


Email: contact@ciat-yorkshire.org.uk

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