A note from the Chairman – Jun’15

CIAT YR official logo 150pxMark WilsonDid anyone notice the change in our CIAT Yorkshire logo? No? Well in the previous version you could barely read the word “Yorkshire”. Couldn’t have that could we? So we got it changed. It took the best part of 2 yrs, but we did it. Just shows what perseverance can do.

CIAT is not quite a super tanker – yet!! But to get it to change course often takes some time. So, you may recall I started my Chairmanship by wanting to do things differently, in the hope of obtaining a different result. I hope we have changed more than the logo but perhaps you can be the judge of that and let me know.

Since my last note we have had two huge Regional events. You will possibly know more about one than another. Thursday 11 June was the first Yorkshire Region CPD Day. If you missed it, I’m afraid you missed out. This promised to be a great day, and it didn’t disappoint. 24 out of 25 planned presentations were delivered over five sessions at The Rose Bowl, Leeds Beckett University.

This day was unprecedented in the quality of the presentations provided at no cost to the delegate, and we even threw in lunch. I for one was fed up with being invited to similar events but at a cost perhaps starting at £200+. What we had was not only a bargain with regard to information and learning, but a magnificent showcase to other professions and their institutes of the CIAT brand. As professionals we are always seeking to enhance and elevate our profiles, and we spent a whole day doing it to a captive audience. – That same audience have written back to congratulate us on a job really well done. If you did come along and have some feedback, but have held onto it up to now, don’t hold back much longer as we might be able to integrate it into the next event. – Next Event!!! – Do you think we should have another such event? – Did you miss it and wish you hadn’t? – If you feedback, we will listen – Promise.

Why not feedback via the new Regional Linked-In Group – after all that’s why it’s there, to let you communicate more easily.

Region and Centre Summit
This was the second of our huge events, and perhaps held more promise to reach further over the longer term. The event was held at the Novotel – Birmingham International Airport on Wednesday 17 June. Being the product of an idea I had some months ago, to say I was a little nervous as to how ultimately it would be received was an understatement. The nerves were quite unfounded as every Region and the RoI Centre were represented. The day was an open, honest, and above all – positive and productive meeting of minds. The mantra for the day was “come with some of your own ideas, and go home with someone else’s”. It was great to share what we have been trying to do in Yorkshire, and learn what other Regions have been doing that we could perhaps take on board.

The ideas and conversation varied from how to improve Regional events, to different types of events, to improving links with our universities and colleges, to the creation of a single CIAT communications network. It was positive. It was productive, and it was exciting, to see so many of our peers focusing on how to mould the Institute we have to offer much greater appeal to you and I – It’s members.

Vice President Practice
You may have noticed in the latest issue of the AT magazine, that I have accepted a nomination for this post. This is a position on the national Executive Board, and if elected will afford an opportunity to help shape the direction and profile of our Institute as we now head from our 50th anniversary towards our centenary.

I will publish my manifesto for the post at the end of July. I would love to have the Region’s backing and support to my application, but I won’t be taking it for granted. If, once published, you would like to criticise the manifesto, or offer your support and endorsement of my application please contact the new Regional Chairman – Jon Legge on the email address below.

Regional Committee
On behalf of the rest of the committee, and the Region I would offer my sincere thanks to Nik Wilson for an unbroken service record on the committee that is in excess of 20 yrs. Nik will retire from our committee, in his current role as Regional Treasurer, for a very well earned rest after our last meeting on 29 June. He was recognised by the Institute by being awarded the CIAT ‘Gold Award’ at the 2011 AGM; acknowledging his outstanding service and dedication to his Region and the Institute over a large number of years.
Thank you Nik.

All the best


Email: contact@ciat-yorkshire.org.uk