A note from the Chairman – January 2015

This month I celebrate 30 yrs as a member of our Institute. Okay I missed the first twenty, but honestly I’m not that old!! So it is then that the Institute is 50 yrs old next month – February 12 to be precise. Will we be having a party? You betcha, but not in February; far too cold and dark. We will wait until the better weather should be around, and I will be announcing more details about that in next month’s Note.

Happy new year btw. and as ever, in January, the year remains full of hope and promise that it cannot be worse than last year, and there is no reason why it shouldn’t be the best one yet. Be positive!!

Regional Web Site

David Cormack came to the committee with an idea that we could make really good use of our own web site. He is now our Regional Media Officer. Okay, what’s in a title. But quite frankly he’s earned it as one of the unsung of our committee. We continue to be the only Region in the UK with this facility, but to stay one step of the co-runners, he is currently overseeing a rebuild to provide a more responsive site that is mobile compatible. This is work in progress and will be rolled out over the next few months working closely with a young web designer who has some great ideas. – Watch this space.

Regional Event Booking

I am aware that one or two of you have experienced minor problems trying to use our new ‘on-line’ booking system, but David assures me that the system is now seamless. You can book via the ‘Event’ button whilst you are browsing on our web site, or simply add ‘booking@ciat-yorkshire.org.uk’ to your address book. You can book yourself onto one, or several events with one email. That’s a far cry from the tear off slip on a paper calendar sheet through the letterbox, I hope you will agree.

About our Events

Currently we have a budget allocation from central office (based upon the number of members registered to our Region). We use this to fund the hire of venues, provide you with tea, coffee and a muffin while you are there. This is your money, and this is the main way we spend it – Always wisely, and always frugally; our Regional Treasurer Nik Wilson sees to that.

Our event calendar is full up to the summer break this year, but if you would like to suggest a particular presentation topic, or could even give a presentation on a specialist subject yourself, I would be delighted to hear from you.

Regional Events

We kicked off the new year with the Building Regulations update from Martin Conlon at the Holiday Inn, Wakefield on 20 January 2015 – This was the best attended event yet with 64 CIAT and CIOB members depriving the hotel of most of it’s supply of coffee and cookies. Martin also did not disappoint, with a useful update on Disability Space standards, that is slated to pass through parliament before the May General Election, and a preview of an up-coming Approved Document Q on security. At the time of going to print, I am still trying to get Martin to part with his presentation so we can post it on our website for download reference. Hopefully by the time you read this it will be there.

For those of you that have taken up the opportunity to visit the reconstruction of Selby Leisure Centre, our Deputy Councillor Natasha Vermeulen has organised the final visit of the hopefully completed project on 3 February 2015 – details are in your calendars, and, of course on our web site.

Precisely one month later we have our next event hosted by Roger Bullivant. So if you have problems with piles, bring your questions along on the night, as that should also be a good one as well.

In Institute terms this year does not get any bigger, we hope to be a Region that will help make it one to remember, and to build on for the next half century. Hope to see you at an event soon.


Email: contact@ciat-yorkshire.org.uk

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